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Entry #2

Help Jared Woods Meet Lily Allen

2010-03-17 08:04:11 by LegoTrip

It's taken like 2 years or something, but I have finally uploaded a new cartoon. It's my mission to meet Lily Allen, which is a REAL mission, so if you enjoy the toon, go check the site. Hell, even if you hate the cartoon, look at it.

What is weird is even though I spend 100X more time on this cartoon, it still isn't my highest rated one? This makes very little sense to me personally...


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2010-06-24 21:49:51

Are you Jared Woods?
A video game ft. Lily Allen is a ps3/xbox 360/wii game series produced by KDM with the cooperation of Arcane Studios (not Arkane Studios) and AlienDarkside Enterprises is still in development. 2017 perhaps!