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I had no idea how harsh you people were...

2008-05-02 06:13:51 by LegoTrip

Damn, people on Newgrounds are MEAN! Hahaha, ok people, understand I am uploading my old work first, I know it sucks, but just try compare my work with yourfirst Flash cartoons and you will see they aren't THAT bad... are they? They will get better, I swear!


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2008-05-02 06:34:27

hope they do


2008-05-02 19:53:15

Dude, I gave that chad shit a ten on accident, so quit yer bitching.

LegoTrip responds:

hahaha I noticed that, thanks bro! :P


2008-05-12 02:16:02

Personally i hate this flash but its yours not mine!


2010-03-16 23:02:24

Dude keep working at it. People on Newgrounds have no idea how hard flash is. Something you'll notice, though, is that unlike a lot of other video websites, like youtube, the people of newgrounds often give good advice for how to improve your animation. Remember, they are the people you are making it for.

LegoTrip responds:

Yeah, I have noticed that, which is a very cool thing! I will only get better surely :)